Monday, January 26, 2009

Pinewood Derby

Matthew participated in the Boy Scouts' Pinewood Derby on Saturday. He did most of the work on the car himself, and was very proud of it. There were 14 boys in his level (Wolf); trophies went to 1st, 2nd, 3rd places, coolest car, and "on my own." Unfortunately, Matthew did not get a trophy, but he did get a blue ribbon for participating. I thought he handled his disappointment extremely well, and was very proud that he did not get upset or angry. They also had re-chartering for next year, and he did want to sign up to continue in scouts, which I was very proud of. Nathan had a great time, and he is very anxious to participate some day himself -- I'm sure he'll join as a first grader! In the mean-time, Matthew is looking forward to upcoming scouting events, including his first scout camp at the end of June.

By the way, Matthew's Conner testing is scheduled for February 18. So until then, we continue to plug away with both good & bad days at school. It will be so helpful to have the answers we seek. Please pray for us.

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  1. Great pics, Marcia!! Matthew looks adorable in his Scout uniform. This was Parker's last year to do Pine Wood derby. He placed third. I was happy for that, especially since it was his last time doing it. Parker can give Matthew some tips for next year. He has won first place in the past...
    We have tons of pics on Facebook if you have an account there, look me up! I really need to blog more because I have so much to talk about but there isn't enough time in a day. I tell ya'! I so wish Greg didn't work shifts but I'm so thankful that he has a job.
    Anyway, happy to hear that Matthew had fun!