Saturday, January 10, 2009

Still don't know

I'm very frustrated that I have to spend the weekend without having heard back from the therapist. When we were there on Wednesday, he said he'd put a "rush" on getting the evaluation forms entered, and call me to discuss the results. I called Thursday afternoon, and he said he didn't have them back, but should have them either later in the day, or on Friday, and told me to call him on Friday if I didn't hear back from him. I gave him until 2:30 Friday afternoon, and when I called, I got his voice mail. He never called me back.

Yes, he did explain it's a busy time of year because they see a rise in patients after parent-teacher conferences -- but for crying out loud, don't make a parent who is already on pins & needles wait through another uncertain weekend. It just pisses me off. Sorry -- no other term seems to express how I feel. I still cannot figure out why someone in that office would have sent the forms back "refused." If that hadn't happened, we'd have had results on Wednesday.

Anyway, I've already started putting into practice some of the "tips" from the ADHD information that he gave me on Wednesday, and it's very early, but I swear things are already a little better. And Matthew has even managed to string together 3 pretty good days at school. So, either way, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

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