Friday, December 12, 2008

Fox River Mall Santa

Here are Matthew and Nathan with Santa. Funny story about this picture. We were at the mall for our appointment at Sears portrait studio for Nathan's birthday shots. We got there early, so decided to see Santa first. There was NO line! I made sure it was okay for the boys to sit on Santa's lap (since they're getting so big), then the lady took 3 pictures. Santa was sneezing on the only one where the boys looked good, so she said since there was nobody in line, we could re-take them, but we'd lose the 3 already taken. I said "go for it!" At that exact moment, their camera/computer set up decided to crash. We stood there for close to 30 minutes while they got tech support on the phone and got the system working again. We re-took the pictures, choose this one, and they gave it to me for FREE! Not one penny! I usually just get a 5 x 7 and the disc so I can print my own, and that is usually around $30 with tax. I told Mark "I'll wait 30 minutes for free pictures any day!"

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