Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fun at the Dells

Well here it is -- time to head home soon. So I thought I'd create a little synopsis of our visit here. Remember, this blog is mostly for myself so I can get better at journaling for my scrapbooking, so I apologize if this is boring to any of my readers!

After arriving on Sunday, we spend some time exploring the layout of the resort, and finding all the necessary spots like waterparks and arcades. For supper, we took the boys for their first Japanese hibachi meal at Ginza of Japan. They very much enjoyed the show, but neither one ate very much. Nathan actually enjoyed the shrimp appetizer the most. Unfortunately, the chicken was the very last thing the chef cooked, so the boys got their meals last and were not interested in eating much by that time. We took their food back to the hotel and had the leftovers for lunch.

Monday morning was our first trip to one of the waterparks, and we choose the one with the lazy river. In the afternoon, I took the boys to see "The Tale of Despereaux" at a neearby movie theater and gave Mark a "break." Supper Monday was one of our Dells favorites -- Moosejaw. They have excellent pizza, and microbrewed beer. Even I had a Raspberry Cream Ale. Yum.

After supper, the boys wanted to go back to a waterpark. Nathan wanted the lazy river again, but Matthew wanted to try the one with the wave pool. So we split up, and I took Matthew to the "Great Wave." BIG mistake. It started out nicely enough, bobbing around on the waves. But I probably went out a little too far, and some rowdy teenagers purposefully bumped into us and knocked us over. Matthew is not into "real" swimming, but I was able to get my feet and scoop him up almost immediately. I was very proud that he wanted to get right back on the tube, and even wanted his own single tube. But we didn't venture far out into the water for the next round of waves, and that turned out to be another mistake. A big one came and knocked him right over again, and because we were so shallow, he got scrapped up on both elbows, one knee, and his back. Poor guy! That was it for the wave pool. Matthew says he will NEVER go back. The waves really were bigger than I expected. You know those moments as a parent where you wish you could turn the clock back and re-do certain things? This was certainly one of those for me. I don't know how I could have protected him in the wave pool any more than I did, but I wish we had gone to the other waterpark. Anyway, one $3 ice cream sandwich from the snack bar later, and he was feeling much better about things!

Tuesday morning, we headed back to the waterpark again (the lazy river one!). Then after lunch, I got to go shopping by myself while Mark and the boys spent time at the indoor play park and arcade. I went to the Tanger outlet mall nearby, and found some deals for the boys at Old Navy and for myself at Eddie Bauer. Then I went to my favorite little souvenier shop that is open in the winter -- Aunt Jenny's -- and got us all new Wisconsin Dells shirts. I had given my old size XXL sweatshirt away and was happy to get a new medium one in pink. Nathan got a sweatshirt also, and Mark and Matthew got T shirts.

After much discussion, we decided to head to Monk's for supper. It was snowing by then, and we wanted to stay close to the resort. The boys had mac & cheese, Mark had a burger, and I had a black bean burger. YUMMY!! The boys meals were served on frisbees, which they got to take home. Then, it was BACK to the waterpark. We never even made it to the 3rd park, because they liked the lazy river so much. But I was very cold. There were fewer people in the waterpark in the evening, and they have a pool and a hot tub that connect to the outside, so the cold air gets in, and I was feeling it. So we didn't last very long, but it was a nice ending to the trip. Back at the room, I gave the boys baths to get the chlorine off and lotioned them up before getting into their pj's.

So this morning, we'll pack up and head home. We have food to eat breakfast in the room, but as part of our dinner discussion last night, I promised Matthew we'd have breakfast at Denny's this morning so he can have an omlet. We ate breakfast and lunch in the room for the past 2 days, so I don't mind buying one breakfast. But first we have to get this room picked up and packed. I swear the boys packed all of their webkinz, as well as other toys, so it looks like a lot of work, but it will go quickly. Mmmmm, I can taste that omlet already!!

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