Friday, December 26, 2008

Poor Nathan

Here's an update on Nathan's health. After my posting yesterday, Nathan woke up from his nap with a 103 degree fever. I managed to get him to eat a little bit (he'd only eat a cookie, and choose one of Auntie Cheri's cut-outs) so I could give him some Motrin. He started to feel a little bit better, but insisted on sleeping in mommy's bed -- which I only let the boys do when they are sick. So with Mark on the couch for the night, I settled in with Nathan. He coughed a lot during the night, but didn't really wake up, and I could hear him wheezing.

The doctor also heard wheezing and could tell his lungs were tight, so he got an Albuterol treatment in the office and a chest X-Ray. No pneumonia, but he felt there could be some bronchitis settling in. So we were sent home with prescriptions for an antibiotic and Xopenex. The Xopenex is similar to Albuterol, but usually the kids don't get as wired as they can with the Xopenex. In the office, he was literally jumping around the office, and even said to me "Mommy, why am I jumping?" It didn't even dawn on me that it was the Albuterol until the doctor said he'd prescribe the Xopenex for that reason. He's had one treatment of the Xopenex this afternoon, and it didn't seem to wire him like the Albuterol did, which is good!

Matthew insisted on going to the store to look for a new Wii game with his Christmas money. That kid just doesn't like the money to stay in his wallet very long! I didn't mind because I wanted a new memory card and a rechargeable battery for my new camera, so we did end up going to Office Max and Best Buy this afternoon. Matthew found a jeep game and a set of controllers with a wheel, tennis racket, bat, etc. He was happy and still had a little money left over, so all is well!

So now it's just a waiting game to see how Nathan is feeling on Sunday. The doctor didn't see a need to stay home if he was feeling up to the trip -- although we'll need to bring the nebulizer with us for his breathing treatments. I'm fine with that, as long as he's feeling up to going. He usually doesn't let anything keep him down for long, and he's not a complainer, so my guess is that unless something drastic happens in the mean-time, we're probably still going to the Dells. I'll keep you posted.....

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  1. Oh no. I hope that Nathan is feeling better!!!! Today was our annual day after Christmas shopping day! The kids had fun.